360o Aerial Fogging Treatment

  • Unique turntable for Aerojet Steriz.
  • Spreads aerosol fog in all directions (360o rotation) uniformly.
  • Enhances space coverage capacity of fogger machine multiple times.
  • Increases effectiveness of aerial disinfection treatment of large spaces.
  • Useful in pharma, food processing, animal houses, medical device mfg. etc.
  • Enhances fogger machine’s space coverage capacity multiple times (almost 4 times)

  • Uniform treatment of entire space/air.

  • Results in reduction of no of machine required per area/space while treating large areas.

  • Saving of time taken for treatment.

  • Validation of aerial treatment becomes easier reliable & more effective.

  • Chemical required per cubic ft. of space reduces.

  • Allows space treatment/aerial disinfection treatment of bigger areas with existing machine.

  • Please make sure that the necessary liquid solution is filled in the fogger machine for space treatment.
  • Place Aerojet steriz/ fogstar fogger machine on the ROTOFOG mounting tray.

  • Connect power cord from machine to power supply 3 pin socket on the ROTOFOG machine body.

  • This allows fogger machine getting power supply during continuous rotation.

  • Connect ROTOFOG power supply to the power mains.

Rotates 360 degree with fogger machine placed at its top, with unique technical feature of uninterrupted power supply to fogger machine even while in rotation.

  • Weight carrying capacity while in rotation — 20kg 
  • Power supply — 220/230v AC , 50 or 60hz.

  • Machine body - stainless steel.

  • Rotation speed — 2 rpm.

  • Technical specification may change without notice.

  • Scope of supply for Rotofog turntable ww does not include fogger machine.

  • Aseptic area
  • Pharma production Medical device mfg.

  • Poultry shades Hatcheries, Animal houses

  • Dairy production, Food processing plants

Effectiveness for Pest control/mosquito control treatment in agri-goods warehouses, food plants, residential areas, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls