• Ideal for changing rooms / production areas of food plants, pharma & medical device mfg, Laboratories, healthcare & life science sectors, public places.
  • Eliminates germs on feet & footwear at entry point.
  • Absolute prevention of contamination.
  • Compatible with many alcohol based disinfecting fluids.
  • Maximum spray coverage on both sides of feet or footwear with dual spray technology.
  • Runs on power supply and can be placed anywhere at entry point of critical areas.
  • Does not require any hydraulic or compressed air power.
  • An ergonomic design combined with high end performance capacity & quality.
  • Helps acheiving aseptic measures for feet & footwear in both professional and industrial applications.
  • Approach your feet or footwear to the atomizer nozzle opening & press the button on the machine handle to start atomization process for disinfection..
  • terifeet can be fixed on the wall or on its mobile support stand ( in SS304) which can be supplied along with the machine as optional accessory.

Supply Voltage : 115/230 V. , 50/60 Hz.

Working Voltage : 12 V.

Tank Capacity : 1.5 Liter. 

Weight : 8Kg.