No touch dispenser for hand disinfection.

No chance of cross contamination

No compromise.


  • Sensor detects your hand & activates the unit to dispense the liquid.
  • Support a wide range of hand disinfectant spray, gel & hygiene soap.
  • Install on a wall or on counter top.
  • Runs on 4 d - cell batteries &can be mounted anywhere without power supply connection.
  • Supplied with dispensing bottle & ultra fine spray pump for uniform disinfection coverage.

  • Liquid level visibility.

  • Safety switch deactivates the unit if main cover is opened.

  • Adjustable mode switch allows one dispense or two dispense per activation as desired.

  • Tray helps avoiding floor surface wetting.

  • Dimensions: W140 x D135x H265mm

  • Product weight : Approx. 830g (excluding packaging, accessories, and bottle)

  • Power source : Alkaline dry cell batteries (D cell x 4)

  • Surgical hand scrubbing for OTs, ICUs, Clinics & Patients wards
  • Sterile mfg areas of pharma & medical devices

  • Kitchens of Hotels Canteens, & Restaurants